About Me


I began photographing about 10 years ago with a simple Nikon 35mm camera hoping to kill some time on weekends. Not happy with the print quality, I made the jump into ever larger film formats, including a Mamiya 645 medium format setup and ultimately a Toyo 4x5 large format field camera. 

Unfortunately, having my equipment stolen set me back a few years and recently I started to photograph again with utmost passion.  

What led me to my revival was simply being able to simplify my life and the things around me. Life was no longer a complicated and cluttered amalgam of information and events, but rather a series of beautiful moments that hit at my inner core. Being able to travel to different places and interact with different people only enhanced the journey to my inner most self.  

I hope my photography provides you with a connection to your inner self as it has done for me. You do not need to travel far to experience the beauty and richness of the world, rather beauty is only a thought away. 

Camera Equipment: 

Hasselblad 500cm 

Fotoman 617 panoramic camera 

Chamonix 4x5 

Wehman 8x10

Artisitic influences include Michael Kenna, Rolfe Horn, Huntington Witherill, Tim Sandstrom, and Brian Kosoff. 

I currently live in San Jose, California.